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LASIK Houston

Everything you need to know about LASIK 
Are you looking for more information on LASIK Houston? This revolutionary refractive surgery has helped to change the lives of many people. Whether you have myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia, LASIK surgery may be able to help. There are many different clinics in Houston which offer this service. The question is, how do you choose the one that is right for you?

Understanding LASIK Surgery
Before you decide where to have the surgery done, it would first be a good idea to understand more about the procedure. Its name ‘LASIK’ means Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. It is designed to help to correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness.

During the surgery you will still be awake and mobile. You will not be able to feel anything thanks to anaesthetic eye drops. In some cases a mild sedative can be given. This is ideal for those who do not want to be completely awake during the surgery. It is understandable that you may find it a little scary to be awake during the procedure. In which case, you should talk about your fears with the qualified eye surgeon. 

It is a high tech laser that will cut a thin flap on the outer layer of the cornea. This flap will then be flipped back to reveal the tissue underneath. The surgeon will work with the tissue and remodel it so that the light is better reflected. Once finished, the flap will then be repositioned. You will be given antibiotics after the surgery to numb the pain. 

There is also another type of LASIK eye surgery known as photorefractive keratectomy which uses an ultraviolet light. This was the first type of laser vision surgery and it has been around for about 20 years. No incision is made in the outer layer of the cornea which makes this a popular type of refractive surgery. Interestingly enough, the latter is the type of surgery that will give you the most discomfort afterwards. You would imagine the procedure where your cornea is cut to be the most painful. However, as In-Situ Keratomileusis uses advanced techniques, it enables the surgeon to minimize the amount of pain and discomfort felt after the operation.

The after care that you receive will depend entirely on the clinic where you have the surgery done. Most LASIK Houston surgeons will give you great after care. You should be provided with dark shades that will help to protect the eyes from the light. It is understandable that after the surgery your eyes will be a little sensitive. You should also aim to sleep as much as you can for a week or so after the surgery. While the recovery time is quite quick, you will still need to be careful for the first month or two that you do not put too much strain on the eyes.

Can Anyone Have LASIK Houston Surgery?
Lasik eye surgery can help many people but not everyone will be an ideal candidate. You should be at least 18 years of age before you look into this type of surgery. No qualified, professional eye surgeon will operate on anybody younger than 18. In some cases you will need to be at least 21 years of age. Therefore you may need to double check this with the clinic that you are interested in using before you book.

It is also important to note that your eyes will need to be healthy before you have the surgery. Obviously they are not 100% healthy if you are having surgery on them. However, you should not have any infections or other related eye problems prior to having the surgery. When you go for your consultation with the surgeon your eyes will be checked over. This is to check the health of your eyes as well as to measure the cornea in preparation for the surgery.

If you have really thick lens prescriptions then LASIK may not be able to help you. Again this is something that will be determined at the consultation. Another factor that you need to consider is whether you are on medications. Some types of medications will prevent you from being able to have LASIK eye surgery.

These are just some of the conditions that you need to meet before a surgeon will operate on your eyes. You should always ensure that you meet the minimum requirements.

Understanding the Risks of the Surgery
As with all types of surgery, LASIK Houston does come with some risks. The percentage of surgeries that go wrong is just 1%. The success rate is currently 99% which gives you a much better chance of experiencing a successful operation than an unsuccessful one. However, it is still worth knowing about the potential risks involved.

In some cases patients have reported ghost or double vision. This is due to problems caused when the tissue has been repositioned. If it isn’t repositioned properly then there will be problems with your eyesight. This is more commonly known as irregular astigmatism. The only problem with this complication is that you will not always find out about it until a few months after the surgery. 

Another risk is that you will not be happy with the results. It is possible to experience under correction. This basically means that your vision will still not be 100% clear. It is much more difficult to correct nearsightedness than it is to correct farsightedness. You may need additional treatments or you just may need to accept that your vision will never truly be 100%. Again, this only occurs in around 1% of cases but it is something that you should be aware of.

After the surgery you could experience what is known as ‘dry eye’. Your eyes will feel slightly gritty and it can feel uncomfortable. Usually this type of problem will correct itself anytime from 3 to 6 months. If you do experience this problem you can use eye drops to moisten the eyes and relieve the discomfort. It is worth mentioning that women who are on birth control pills and who are going through the menopause tend to have a higher rate of this problem occurring.

Finally the most serious complication that could occur is you could develop an infection. This is extremely rare and you will find out very quickly if you have an infection. It will typically take no longer than 72 hours to see if you do have an infection or not. Your surgeon will usually give you antibiotic eye drops before the surgery to prevent infection from developing. It is treatable and you will need antibiotic drops to clear up the infection. It is recommended that you avoid wearing makeup and avoid the use of swimming pools until at least 5 weeks after the surgery.

Lasik Houston may seem like a daunting surgery but it does have a really high success rate. It could help you to see again without the need for contact lenses or glasses. Life would be so much easier if you didn’t have to worry about your vision. Why not take a look at your local Lasik eye surgeries now? You should make sure that you compare as many different surgeons as possible before making a decision.